Whitney Wolfe Empowers Women With her Bumble App

Whitney Wolfe may be the founder and CEO of a successful company but she’s actually just like the rest of us. Wolfe knows what it’s like to dive into the awkwardness that online dating and dating in general. She looked at the whole idea and how things operate and realized that there was something very broken about the system. Wolfe worked for popular dating app Tinder and she saw a lot of flaws in the company and how dating worked. She realized that men dominated and they didn’t always treat women the greatest. She also realized it wasn’t the safest place.

Therefore, Wolfe broke away after a lawsuit of sexual harassment. She decided that she needed to do something for women everywhere. That’s how Whitney Wolfe came to create popular online dating app Bumble. Today, there are millions of users. That’s because Wolfe created an app that so many of us can relate to. She created an app where women call the shots, make the moves, and ultimately travel along at their own pace. There’s no pressure, the app is a lot safer, and women are loving the fact that they get to make decisions! In what seems male-dominated society, this is a way that women have some power.

It’s easy to see what her app is drawing attention from the other apps. They realized that there is a market for a place where women can make the decisions and they’re possibly getting a little bit jealous and nervous. According to Forbes, that’s why Whitney Wolfe was just offered a $450 million deal to sell Bumble to Match Group. She declined and women everywhere are thankful. They’re loving this safe space that Wolfe created and they don’t want to see it turn into another app that’s similar to Tinder or Match.

Bumble and Whitney Wolfe are helping women everywhere find their voices. Wolfe is a firm believer in feminism, equality, and just being kind to one another. At the end of the day, everyone wins as long as Wolfe remains in charge of Bumble. Women get to continue calling the shots.

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