Eric Pulier – An Entrepreneur on a Mission to Improve the Future

Eric Pulier is a father of four who was raised in New Jersey and currently resides in Los Angeles. Eric Pulier is known worldwide for his entrepreneur and philanthropy endeavors. Throughout Eric’s career he has founded over 15 companies that have gone on to be very successful. Eric Pulier is also deeply invested in many different charitable organizations and Venture Capital funds. His dedication to utilizing technology to improve the world has also led him to become an investor in many different media and technology startup companies. Eric’s passion for technology began in grade school when he started programming computers. Eric took this passion and dedicated his life to involving himself in efforts that utilize technology in many different fashions to improve life for people around the world.

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Some of the most admirable organizations that Eric is involved with include the Starlight Foundation and the Painted Turtle summer camp for chronically ill children. Both of these programs are providing a better quality of life for adolescents suffering from life-altering diseases, conditions, and illnesses. Eric has also had a passion for writing throughout his life. His first published pieces of content were within the Harvard Crimson Weekly publication which he wrote for and served as an editor of while he was a student at Harvard from 1984 to 1988. Since graduating Eric has been published in Manning Publications as well as Forbes Magazine. As you can see Eric is a very dedicated and passionate individual on a mission to help make the future a better place for everyone. To learn more about Eric and his many ventures, check out his website here.

Executive John Goullet Helps Take Diversant to the Next Level

Diversant is a growing and unique IT Staffing company that is focused on filling the gaps in the industry that both employers and employees want. This IT staffing agency is a minority owned business, and is very proud to reflect the values and willingness to equal employment opportunities to all that are available. The diversity within Diversant is present throughout, both in its employees, management, and in the skills all of their clients are able to offer firms that are in the market for employees.

Built on a foundation of finding and offering the best, Diversant focuses on its clients as much as it does the businesses they are looking to place them into. By keeping clients up to date and current on information and skills that are most needed within the industry, Diversant can help their staffing clients demand top dollar for the skills they possess. For this reason, the company has become known as the firm to go to when a company needs to fill a specific need, and the firm that you want to represent you when you are looking for a challenging and rewarding job.

John Goullet works as the principal executive of Diversant, working to position the company in the best way possible in the competitive IT market. He works with both the companies clients, potential clients, and its board in order to ensure that a high level of business is being conducted in order to achieve growth and success. The many different types of business experiences and entrepreneurial skills that Goullet has had over the years of his career, let him easily manage the many needs of the company.

While Goullet has worked in many different business industries and positions, he made the switch to IT relatively early. Starting a firm of his own in 1994, Goullet was able to see where the staffing industry was headed and where the most growth was taking place. Over time, the benefit of working within a larger, resource rich environment was the best business and career decision for Goullet and why he ultimately chose to sit on the management board with Diversant.

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Norka Luque Is A Recording Artist And A Business Women

The music business is cutthroat, according to some of the musical greats that have spent years trying to make it to the top. It’s not easy singing to stardom. It takes a certain type of individual that is willing to pay the price for fame and fortune. In order to make it in the music business these days, musicians must have a lot of talent and a head for business. Norka Luque, the young Venezuelan singer, has what it takes to make it to the top in the music industry. She has been planning for the day when the world recognizes her for her talent as well as for her business sense.

Norka’s story is not much different than the stories told by other musicians that started with nothing and found a place on the top of the music charts. Norka was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, and she began to sing in public when she was eight. Norka’s parents knew she had the gift, but the opportunities in Venezuela were limited. Norka wanted to pursue a musical career, but her parents also wanted her to get a business degree, so they convinced her to move to France to study business administration. Norka loved living in France. The French have a special love for music, and Norka wanted them to hear her music. She joined a small band that played in dance clubs on the weekends. The band had a rock and roll, reggae sound that was great dance music. Norka’s voice turned that sound into an unforgettable beat, and the clubs where the band played were always filled.

But Norka had a bigger vision in mind. She wanted to live in Miami and follow in the footsteps of her childhood idols, Gloria Estefan, and Shakira. Norka knew she had a voice that could make it to the top. All she needed was a break. That break came when Emilio Estefan heard her sing. Estefan is best known for producing “Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine.” Emilio immediately offered Norka a record contract. Her first single was released in 2011. Her second single hit the Latino Dance Charts in 2012, and Norka was on her way to the top.

Norka also had help from music composer Archie Pena. Pena collaborated with Estefan on her first hit single as well as her second single, “Milagro.” Norka’s third record, “Tomorrowland” was released in 2016, and it is on its way to the top of the Billboard Dance Charts.

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Crystal Hunt, Actress on the Rise

Crystal Hunt is an up-and-coming name in Hollywood, but that is not to say her resume isn’t already blossomed. Technically she began acting at age two, participating in baby pageants her talent was always acting, but she made her official debut in 2003. She made her television debut as Lizzie Spaulding, on CBS’s soap Guilding Light. The role, formally portrayed by Hollywood darling, Hayden Panettiere, would be her primary focus until 2006. For three years she played Spaulding, but was then replaced by actress Marcy Rylan.

During her span spent at Guilding Light, in 2005, she appeared in one of Zac Efron’s early films titled, The Derby Stallion. Hunt portrays the sister of one of Efron’s baseball teammates.

One year later she appeared in Sydney White, a teen rom-com based on the story of “Snow White.” In this film, Hunt plays the role of leading actress, Amanda Bynes’ best friend. The film received mixed reviews. USA Today praised its message of accepting all kinds of people, but the twist was so telegraphed that it left nothing to surprise.

Hunt made her major motion picture debut in 2015 in Magic Mike XXL. Along with Hunt the movie includes actors such as Channing Tatum, Elizabeth Banks, and Jada Pinkett Smith.

In 2015 she began producing her first film, Talbot County, taking place in 1986, this film follows six college students as they make there way through a town in the South. Assigned a project to rediscover a piece of history, the group is thrown into danger when a legendary werewolf is encountered.  Be sure to also check out her photography website, featuring Crystal’s entire portfolio.  Also view her acting reel on YouTube, comprising her entire body of work.