Logan Stout – Author, Entrepreneur, and Health Advocate

For those looking for a role model to become a business owner, Logan Stout sets the perfect example to follow. He is a leader, trainer, and author who commits himself to helping others learn how to start and manage a business. He currently heads IDLife. Stout, in only a short time, has catapulted his MLM company to list as one of the world’s top 100 companies in its category.

IDLife is all about providing people with ways to become healthier and stay well. His company offers a unique approach for optimizing health by providing nutrition supplements that people can customize for their own needs. The product is easy to use and delivered right to the customer’s front door, and there are no bottles to hassle with. His company’s supplements put other products on the market at a disadvantage since formulation is one-size-fits-all.

Stout also formed the Dallas Patriots baseball organization. Those who love the game connect with mentors, training, coaches, and instructors who know the game. His book, The Secret to Building Yourself, People, and Teams is a popular informative read. His background in baseball includes participation in 17 World Series. His coaching knowledge and experience gives him a solid base from which to help others grow.

Logan Stout’s entrepreneurial spirit has led him to partnership with Garmin. Garmin develops high-quality GPS devices, along with devices that encourage people to stay fit. His website offers an option that allows customers to purchase a Garmin Vivo fitness tracker. The device makes it easier for a person to track their exercise routine and determine their nutrition needs. It is all about reaching one’s health goals.

Stout’s main purpose and goal with his businesses is to show people how they can reach their highest level of achievement when they concentrate on achieving their very best level of health. People can reach their greatest level of success when mind, body, and spirit work in unison.

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