Issues that Sparked the Launch of the Frontera Fund

Two prolific journalists in the media industry were arrested by the Maricopa police due to claims that were later settled. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were shocked in the middle of the night to be handcuffed by Joe Arpaio at their respective homes and driven to the police station without a clue of what was exactly happening. On their arrest, Joe Arpaio, the city sheriff accused them of breaking the law because they published news about him that was not so pleasing to read. Lacey and Larkin, the two principal executives of the Village Voice media, were displeased by the Sherrif`s claims and requested to deal with him in the court of law.


Arpaio always termed himself as one of the most feared sheriffs in the state of Arizona and most cases he was always terrible to his victims. The feared sheriff in town took another significant step to look for any individual that read the published issue that had exclusively featured him. He threatened to arrest the readers of the magazine and prosecute them in the court of law, just like he had done to Michael and Lacey. Due to the disturbing stories in the social platforms concerning the arrest of the two prolific journalist, a lot of concerns was raised by their readers and fans who wanted to know why they were arrested and also demanded investigations be conducted based on the Joe Arpaio`s claims, which they termed as wicked. The fans of the two journalists saw the claims as not valid and worth their arrest.


Arpaio accused the two journalists of acting against the law and challenging his leadership unlawfully. Michael and Lacey had published on the sheriff’s prisons sorry state and went ahead to explain his harsh treatment to the inmates. Besides, they accused him of not treating his employees well and abusing his power.


Due to the people’s pressure on the release of the two executives, the sheriff got them out of their separate cells and let them go home. Michael and Lacey then filed a petition in court to challenge the annoying arrest by the sheriff. The jury involved in listening to the case noted that the detention of the two was more of an assault which was against the law. The jury found Arpaio guilty of his deeds, and the two were highly compensated with a huge amount of money. Michael and Lacey then used the cash to start up the Frontera Fund through which they began to address various issues like human rights, immigration rights, freedom of speech, among others.