Eric Pulier – An Entrepreneur on a Mission to Improve the Future

Eric Pulier is a father of four who was raised in New Jersey and currently resides in Los Angeles. Eric Pulier is known worldwide for his entrepreneur and philanthropy endeavors. Throughout Eric’s career he has founded over 15 companies that have gone on to be very successful. Eric Pulier is also deeply invested in many different charitable organizations and Venture Capital funds. His dedication to utilizing technology to improve the world has also led him to become an investor in many different media and technology startup companies. Eric’s passion for technology began in grade school when he started programming computers. Eric took this passion and dedicated his life to involving himself in efforts that utilize technology in many different fashions to improve life for people around the world.

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Some of the most admirable organizations that Eric is involved with include the Starlight Foundation and the Painted Turtle summer camp for chronically ill children. Both of these programs are providing a better quality of life for adolescents suffering from life-altering diseases, conditions, and illnesses. Eric has also had a passion for writing throughout his life. His first published pieces of content were within the Harvard Crimson Weekly publication which he wrote for and served as an editor of while he was a student at Harvard from 1984 to 1988. Since graduating Eric has been published in Manning Publications as well as Forbes Magazine. As you can see Eric is a very dedicated and passionate individual on a mission to help make the future a better place for everyone. To learn more about Eric and his many ventures, check out his website here.