Discover A Superior Line Of Makeup That Lets You Be Bold

Does it feel like your makeup is not being kind to you? Is your cosmetic choices working against your skin? Lime Crime offers a superior line of makeup options that have been voted the fastest growing cosmetic line in the industry. In fact, the Founder and CEO Doe Deere has been named female entrepreneur of the year. Her aspirations to create rich bold makeup has lead her to vibrant eye shadow’s and lipstick products. Deere proclaims her makeup options create options for her wearers to be bold and make a statement with their makeup.

Lime Crime’s Birth

Doe Deere has always had an eye for success since the tender age of thirteen when she decided to popularize temporary tattoos. She then began to sell this novelty to her friends in her class. This was her first taste of entrepreneurial adventure. However, after moving to New York she found herself immersed in the middle of a rock band and soon after, married to the soloist. She says that her loyal fans helped her appreciate people coming out to support her events. Surprisingly, being in a band also gave her marketing skills that helped her with her cosmetic venture.

Trying to find bold vibrant colors other than the dull neutral colors that she would find throughout the cosmetic industry, Deere began to create her own colors with a velvetine matte base. Her idea was to create colors that were hard to find and she soon discovered that this was popular among other young women as well. She begin to market and sell her cosmetics until she has built the trusted name that thousands of women know and trust today. Deere says that anyone can live out their dreams by perfecting what they are good at. She admits that she always had an unconventional way of thinking that differed from other people.

Lime Crime is available securely from their website or by phone. You have the option of unique blends of eye shadow and lipstick. You can have their products shipped to your door in under a week. If you’re interested in accessories and shoes customers are encouraged to visit their sister site Dolls Kill for more creative solutions to your mood. They offer a unique line of reasonably priced lists of products that match perfectly with Lime Crime colors. You’re encouraged to visit Youtube for more makeup options with tutorials by actual users of Lime Crime.