Darius Fisher Recieves Top Award In Marketing

Darius Fisher, both president and co-founder of Status Labs, has found himself at the top of his game. He was recently awarded with the prestigious PR World Awards Business Development Individual of the Year award, an award reserved for those that have been recognized in the public relations market for their business skills and achievement.
Darius Fisher has earned this award through numerous achievements on a business level, as well as running a stellar company that employees love working for. He had a strategic vision of what he wanted in a company, and worked hard to build it from the ground up by creating partnerships with agencies and influencers. He recruited both domestic a s well as international sales and now handles public officials, Fortune 500 companies, and much more. Prior to creating his own PR firm, Fisher was a political consultant and a copywriter. He is a graduate of Vanderbilt University where he received honors. He is also featured in The New York Times, Daily Beast, Yahoo!, DuJor, The Observer and US News and World Report where he has either contributed content or been featured in articles.
Fisher worked hard to build a strong business that has lived beyond its strong reputation and Fisher is honored to be named for this award. He finds that business development is important for any company that intends to continue with long term growth, like his own company, and he has worked to build a brand and partnerships, this award shows that. He has also found ways to keep his employees happy and content while working to achieve new goals by setting exciting sales goals incentives, awards for performance, and combining community service opportunities as part of his team building plans. He will receive his award in San Francisco on June 27 at the annual 2016 SVUS Red Carpet Awards Ceremony Dinner. Find Darius on Facebook to learn more.