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Up-Close With James Dondero and His $1 Million Grant Pledge to the Family Place Campaign

James Dondero has made the bold step of awarding a $ 1 million donation to the Family Place, a prominent institution that offers guidance and counseling to victims of domestic violence. As co-founder and CEO of Highland Capital Management, James Dandero has deemed it necessary to aid such individuals while going through a difficult period.

Announced in Oct 2016 at the Annual Texas Awards Luncheon, the donation is expected to supplement the $ 2.8 million deficit for the Legacy Campaign within the next six months.

Highland Capital has also offered to match fifty percent of any revenues raised by external investors till April 4, 2017. Such funds will be disbursed through the Highland Dallas Foundation, the company’s philanthropic branch.

Since the October announcement, the Family Place has managed to raise an extra $200,000 to the Legacy Campaign which will be topped up by an additional $ 100,000 from Highland Capital Management.

By financing the $ 2.8 million deficit, the Campaign is guaranteed to meet its $ 16.5 million targets and achieve its goals and objectives. Dondero has also lauded the contributions of the civic community in achieving set goals and objectives.

Within a year, the Family Place has managed to implement their targets from inception to the final phase of the campaign. Such dedication has significantly raised their recognition and contributed to the formation of a partnership with Highland Capital Management.

With millions of dollars at their disposal, the Legacy Campaign has begun the construction phase of a modern Dallas Counselling Facility for victims. Named in honor of Ann Moody and designed by Corgan, a prominent architectural firm, the institution houses 13 bedrooms, several private and group counseling rooms, a medical facility and a call center. Additionally, it also contains an opulent space for job training. Learn more about James Dandero:

Profile of Highland Capital Management

The Dallas-based investment firm focuses on providing investment advice to a diverse range of clients that includes corporations, governments, high-net-worth individuals and banks.

Formed by Mark Okada and James Dondero in 1993, the firm has grown into the largest credit institution with billions of assets under its keen management.

The Affluent Life of Tony Petrello

Tony G. Petrello is one of the most important trendsetters in the world. He is an ambitious man who has fought all the hardships to prove himself in the business market. Tony was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer and President of Nabors Industries in October 1991. He previously had a successful streak of more than twelve years at the law firm Baker and McKenzie. Anthony Petrello’s managing credentials were spotted while working there and was promoted to be the managing partner of their New York offices back in 1986.

Tony is a varied individual and has served in various companies and different capacities. His sense of responsibility towards the welfare of the society led him to be the director of Texas children’s hospital. He was promoted to being the leader of

Mr Petrello is a bright individual and obtained a Juris Doctor degree from Harvard Law School. He had earlier attended Yale University where he successfully graduated with Bachelor of Science and Masters in Mathematics.

From his extensive experience and skills, Tony helps business by providing operating tasks, strategic planning enterprise and direction hence enabling the Company to alter and grow in a dynamic competitive environment.

Anthony Petrello grew up in a humble and loving family. It was at this tender age that he learnt on how to respect everyone in the society. Those who grew up around him say that he took pride from helping others and ensured that everyone was smiling whenever he left a place.

Anthony Petrello was elected in 2013 as the top best-paid bosses. In 2014, he was one of the favourites to defend his title but settled for top three. When he took over as the boss, Nabors share price increased by more than one hundred and eighty percent, this is good news for the company but compared to the paychecks and bonuses Anthony Petrello took, it led to an uprising from the shareholders thus had to reduce his paycheck.

As the chairman of the Board, Leader and Chief Executive Officer at Nabors Industries, Anthony Petrello has led to an incredible twenty-seven million dollars in returns. Of that total, one and half million dollars was received as a salary, seven million dollars was received as a bonus, sixteen million dollars was awarded as stock and one million dollars came from other types of compensation.

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IAP The Timely Solution To Every Challenge

IAP was founded in Irmo its area of specialization is in logistics and procurement. IAP is always hiring new expertise, and its accompany that is good for individuals who want career growth. The company has a strong belief in making what could not work even in the hardest situation IAP develops a solution to it. The company handles even natural calamities such as disasters in a very efficient way which no one could not even think of. Its response base is quick and acts fast when called upon to solve any challenge. In a period spanning to over sixty years, IAP has created a good name not only to its client but the world at large too.

IAP has embraced latest technology in all its undertakings which in turn has ensured efficiency in the services offered to its clients. IAP Worldwide has the capacity of turning inhabitable areas develop into full communities, the company has the best expertise in infrastructure upgrading. The engineers under IAP are excellently trained and can handle construction tasks from the lay out until they are up. For a customer seeking housing solutions IAP has all it takes to meet that need, it has invested in latest machines for all building needs and its quality clearly understand the jobs they undertake. IAP builds all forms of housing structures whether warehouse, washing areas, office spaces or even kitchens IAP deliver beyond expectation.

IAP handles matters concerning human wellness both in state-owned institutions to those individually owned institutions. It has a well-built structure that can handle emergency cases such as fire and environmental related disasters such as earthquakes and landslides. IAP has standby fire fighting unit in all the countries it has presence. All the workers in all the segments of operations are of safety even when handling the riskiest challenges. IAP has vast experience in high power electrical units, and it provides generation of electric power service from production, installing and ensuring its running at all times. On waste management challenges IAP comes in handy to solve it, it has professional team that handles matters such as sewage treatment. THE team has treated waste water that would have been an environmental hazard to clean and safe water. The waste management team recycles trash and converts it useful items which have seen IAP get recognition as a lead institute in conservation efforts.

IAP is always seeking the best-skilled people to undertake its numerous operations. The company provides employees the best working conditions from safety at work to best salaries it’s a leader in the best companies to work in the world. IAP has careers in many areas of specialization including; health, security, engineering, accounting and project management among others. All the workers are motivated and have a lot of passion for the work.

Gooee Smart Lighting Helping Humans Live A Notch Above

Can you imagine laying down in bed at night, exhausted, and being able to turn off your ceiling light just by touching a button on your smart watch instead of getting out of bed? Could you imagine forgetting to turn out your kitchen and foyer hall on the way out to a week long vacation and being able to shut them off from your smart phone at the airport? All of these things are becoming a reality with the innovations in IoT lighting. Gooee has made wireless and bluetooth capable LED lights that can connect to any smart device making it possible to remotely control residential lighting.

Shutting lights on and off remotely is not it’s only feature. There are ways that controlling light through the home can contribute to overall health. It has been shown that in certain months, more light is needed in the morning when it’s darker and dimmer lights in the evening contribute to an ease of falling into sleep. These smaller changes in the light can work symbiotically with the circadian rhythms in the human body. With all of the health apps monitoring health and sleep quality it is only just on the horizon that the LED capabilities can be fused with those sleeping and health apps to create ideal lighting environments inside the home to help humans function and perform at their peak comfort and health.

David Osio’s Company Makes Provision of Services Easier through a New Application.

David Osio is a financial expert and business administrator who is well recognized. The services that he offers are highly appreciated by the commercial law, banking, and financial consultancy sectors in the Venezuelan and Latin American regions. Osio started his profession immediately after he left the Caracas-based University of Catolica Andres Bello. He graduated with a degree, and his main areas of proficiency were banking, finance, and education. David then acquired more knowledge on investment consultancy from the New York’s Institute of Finance and the Instituto de Estudios Superiores Administrativos (IESA).

Mr. Osio owns a company, which is known as the Davos Real Estate Group. He recently revealed that his firm had created a new mobile phone application, which is known as the Davos Cap Calculator. The software will be simplifying the needs of the clients by assisting them to calculate the profits that they can gain from investing in the United States’ real estate industry. The Davos Real Estate Group (Davos REG) is one of the independent enterprises that have been established as units of the Davos Financial Group, which is a firm that is focused on offering finance solutions in different regions of the world. The company has been leading in the Latin American regions for more than 10 years. It has created unparalleled strategies that it uses in conducting its activities, and they ensure that the customers get outstanding services by using well-trained employees in offering top-notch products and services.

The developers of the applications have been working under a close supervision of one of the company’s directors, Gerard Gomez, to ensure that the product that they create will be able to help investors in determining the income that they can get if they capitalize in real estates. Businesspeople should consider the expenses that are related to the property when calculating their profits. The mobile phone software can be used by clients who use iOS and Android smartphones.

The objective of the company is to offers advice to customers as they invest in the U.S real estate sector. According to its proprietor, David Osio, the firm is working to achieve its aim by developing the Davos Cap Calculator. Mr. Gonzalez believes that investors will benefit from the mobile phone application since they will be able to predict the returns before venturing into business. The company is also determined to create more software that can assist its customers just like the mortgage calculator.

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A New Organic Chickpea Snack By Livio Bisterzo

Hippeas is a crunchy snack made out of puffed chickpeas. It is a new product produced by Green Park Brands with their CEO Livio Bisterzo. They started a social media campaign to promote the healthy snack with the hash tag #GivePeasAChance. There is lots of protein and fiber and Livio promises that it is made from all non-GMO ingredients. All products are 100% vegan and are made without harmful additives or preservatives. It comes in the following six flavors: Far Out Fajita, Pepper Power, Happenin’ Hickory, Maple Haze, Vegan White Cheddar and Sriracha Sunshine. Their products are currently being distributed and certain Starbucks locations.


The beautiful logos that are on each pack of HIPPEAS was created by design company Jones Knowles Ritchie. Livio Bisterzo approached the design agency in 2015 and has worked with them to design their logo and branding. The logo features a yellow background with half of a smiley face using a chickpea as it’s eye.

Livio intends on launching the product as a worldwide brand. He believes that it can appeal towards all of the niche snack markets and it will be especially popular amongst millenials. Their hope is to be a cultural icon amongst modern hippies. They promise to contribute a portion of their profits to help the rural poor farmers in Eastern Sub-Saharan Africa with their partner Farm Africa. The charity helps these farmers become more productive, competitive and cost efficient.

Livio Bisterzo has been involved with entrepreneurial ventures since his college days in 2003. He studied for his degree in Business Management in Fashion at the University of Arts London. He has been involved with various marketing projects and as learned what works through trial and error. Some of previous ventures were Little Miracle Drinks in 2011 and Alvaro Group in 2006.

Green Park Brands ( has been open since April of 2015. This company is geared towards providing innovative new brands in the health and nutrition sector. They aim to provide new, healthy alternative snacks that people will enjoy. They also believe in products that will leave a social impact and cultural changes. Their front running products is their HIPPEAS chickpea snacks.

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New Zealand Advice from Geoff Cone

New Zealand has a lot of benefits for the people that live there. It is a growing country with a great economy and people are often excited about the opportunities that they can get from living in the country. It is something that has allowed many people the chance to make sure that they are doing things the right way.

When it comes to benefits that New Zealand has to offer, some people think that the country is one that does not have taxes and that they will be able to benefit from this. New Zealand does have taxes, though. People are often sorely disappointed to learn that they do have to pay taxes after they have already made the move from a different country to New Zealand. It is for this reason that New Zealand is trying to educate people on the tax situation in the country and how they can benefit from the taxes there.

One thing that New Zealand does offer for its residents and others is tax transparency. The country is open about the taxes that it has and what people can expect to pay. They want everyone to know the different tax brackets and what they will be required to pay depending on how much money they are making. This allows people to see if New Zealand would even be a good fit for their tax situation depending on how much money they make when they move to the country and how much they plan to make after they make the move.

Geoffrey Cone has worked hard to help people understand taxes in New Zealand and around the world. He wants people to understand that they do have to pay taxes in New Zealand, but there are many options for people who are able to move to different countries so that they can be tax-free. This has allowed people the chance to see that there are different options and that there are, in fact, countries that they can live in that do not require them to pay taxes on the money that they have made.

As a global attorney, Geoff Cone is able to give information out about tax havens. He wants to make sure that people know that things are different in some countries and that they can benefit from what these countries have to offer. He also wants to make sure that the people who move there know what tax-free living is all about and what it is like for different countries. Geoff Cone knows that things can be different in tax-free or low-tax countries because he moved to a tax haven to help himself save more money since he earned so much. Learn more:

Geoffrey Cone is an attorney in New Zealand. Learn more here

Discover A Superior Line Of Makeup That Lets You Be Bold

Does it feel like your makeup is not being kind to you? Is your cosmetic choices working against your skin? Lime Crime offers a superior line of makeup options that have been voted the fastest growing cosmetic line in the industry. In fact, the Founder and CEO Doe Deere has been named female entrepreneur of the year. Her aspirations to create rich bold makeup has lead her to vibrant eye shadow’s and lipstick products. Deere proclaims her makeup options create options for her wearers to be bold and make a statement with their makeup.

Lime Crime’s Birth

Doe Deere has always had an eye for success since the tender age of thirteen when she decided to popularize temporary tattoos. She then began to sell this novelty to her friends in her class. This was her first taste of entrepreneurial adventure. However, after moving to New York she found herself immersed in the middle of a rock band and soon after, married to the soloist. She says that her loyal fans helped her appreciate people coming out to support her events. Surprisingly, being in a band also gave her marketing skills that helped her with her cosmetic venture.

Trying to find bold vibrant colors other than the dull neutral colors that she would find throughout the cosmetic industry, Deere began to create her own colors with a velvetine matte base. Her idea was to create colors that were hard to find and she soon discovered that this was popular among other young women as well. She begin to market and sell her cosmetics until she has built the trusted name that thousands of women know and trust today. Deere says that anyone can live out their dreams by perfecting what they are good at. She admits that she always had an unconventional way of thinking that differed from other people.

Lime Crime is available securely from their website or by phone. You have the option of unique blends of eye shadow and lipstick. You can have their products shipped to your door in under a week. If you’re interested in accessories and shoes customers are encouraged to visit their sister site Dolls Kill for more creative solutions to your mood. They offer a unique line of reasonably priced lists of products that match perfectly with Lime Crime colors. You’re encouraged to visit Youtube for more makeup options with tutorials by actual users of Lime Crime.

Great Achievements of Entrepreneur Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar has been a great inspiration to most people due to his hard work and determination. He is the chairman as well as the CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation and Trucept Inc. he has also held positions in other companies such as Smart-tek Automated Services, Allegiant Professional Business Services and even The Amanda Company.

Brian studied in for his undergraduate degree in the University of Strathclyde. He then joined the University of Staffordshine for his MBA as well as his doctorate degree.

Dalrada Financial Corporation

This company is in a position to provide services to other businesses such as the PEO businesses. There is a huge selection of employer benefits as well as employee benefits and aftermarket products. It is also able to act as Marketing Liaison where it is able to supply its clients with a huge variety of programs to increase its efficiency.


Due to his expertise in finance, he has been named as the Cambridge Executive in finance. There are only two females and only two males named during this registry as the executives.

There are factors that are considered by the committee before they choose these honorees such as their academic achievements, leadership abilities and even professional accomplishments. This means that Brian was chosen since his abilities were well recognized and that he is a great leader.

His Roles

It is very important for any business person to be experienced. This is the best way to ensure the company is well managed and that operations are handled in the right way. Brian Bonar has been in this business for a long time and his experience enables him to oversee all operations in Dalrada Financial Corporation.

Being the chairman and the CEO for his company, there are many responsibilities such as employing new employees and even controlling how activities are done throughout the day. It is important to increase the efficiency of the employees by supplying a broad diversity of employee programs to their clients.

These employee programs are insurance for risk management, employee benefits, business liability, services in business management and promotions.


Brian has been in financial business for almost 30 years and this has ensured that his business is able to cope with any issue it faces. It also gives him a wide experience and understanding concerning the business and what it need to ensure it grows and develops. Being the CEO of the company, there are many decisions he is expected to make and they all affect the company.

Depending on how the company is progressing, it is possible to tell how the chairperson is leading and in Dalrada Financial Corporation, there is a huge progress in marketing and sales. This shows that Brian has what it takes to ensure the company thrives and achieves all the sets goals.

Planning For Retirement Amidst Hardships

It is an admirable thing to plan for retirement. However, one thing that life shows is that there are no guarantees. Even the most well thought out plans can fall victim to either one major unexpected expense or a series of unforeseen circumstances.

There are plenty of people that are faced with a ton of different issues that drain out all of their finances. This can be a very frustrating issue. Often times, this may require the advice of someone who is more experienced in financial management. There are plenty of financial advisers. They could provide some insight on what could be done in order to break out of the vicious cycle.

Among the financial advisers that could help people with financial decision making is Richard Blair. He is highly educated when it comes to finances and money management. He has enough knowledge to give him the confidence needed to sit with his clients in order to help them come up with a plan that is going to make sure that they break free of whatever financial obstacle they are faced with.

He helps his clients formulate a plan that works well with their needs and where they are in their finances.

Richard Blair can help his client determine whether his financial situation is possible to get out of with his current financial circumstances. For instance, if the client needs to get another job, then he will suggest to the client that he finds an extra source of income to support himself until he gets back on track.

Meanwhile, he could take any extra money that he may get from the extra job and put it away so that he can gain more for his retirement.

There is a lot that goes into retirement planning. For one thing, one has to be making a lot more than his expenses. That way, he will be able to have something to put away. According to Crunchbase, another good suggestion by Richard Blair Wealth Solutions is that it is not good for one to spend it just because he has it.

This is one of the reasons that people find themselves in financial troubles is because of circumstances that are eating up all of his money.