Adding Volume and Shine to Fine and Flat Hair

In the article on Emily McClure decided to put WEN by Chaz to the test on her thin hair. WEN by Chaz combines your every day products into one easy to use product that is meant to leave the hair stronger, cleaner, and more manageable without using harsh chemicals.

In Emily’s experiment she used the sephora endorsed product for seven days to see how it worked for her hair. The first thing that she noticed is how much of WEN she had to use compared to how much shampoo she normally uses. For her hair length there is a minimum of 10 pumps of product for the optimal effects. She noticed as she massaged the product into her scalp and hair that she had less hair loss mid-wash and her hair felt thicker as the product sat in it. After she blow dried and styled her hair she noted how much thicker and shinier her hair looked. She did say that when she woke up in the morning throughout the experience her hair felt greasier than it normally did. She is normally able to go a couple of days before feeling greasy which was a benefit because she likes showering at night rather than getting up early. But she loved the effects of Wen when she used it, and even received compliments on how her hair looked with using the product.

Her final verdict overall was that the Amazon available product did as it claimed and she would still use it on those days she wakes up to style her hair in the morning. That being said, it was not best for her who doesn’t always get up extra early to shower and style her hair. But she was satisfied with the product itself.

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