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Equities First Holdings, Committed Lending Solutions Since 2002

Equities First Holdings stands as a vanguard in between new and successful ventures, and the reduction of emissions to start new businesses. We take upon ourselves, the responsibility to ensure that the industry keeps striving for success.

We have set ourselves apart from other non purpose lenders. This is not just the boasts of some company with ambitious goals, it is a fact. The analysis regarding our securities based loans, concludes that the Equities First ‘s impact on the world of financial consultation and funding, is now so prominent that it appears to be all around us.

Equities First Holdings creates innovative solutions to the type of stock-based loan questions, you wouldn’t find mention to on Google. That is why so many companies are in conversations with the EFH. They know that we will work to respond in ways that are most effective in the financial world. Clients can’t help but praise this type of success, as it is changing people’s lives. How well ventures gain traction, under the consultation of the EFH, tells a story for itself.

Visionary Developer Roberto Santiago

Roberto Santiago is a legendary and visionary entrepreneur born on the year 1958 in Joao Pessoa, Brazil. Santiago attended Pio X Marist College and later graduated with a degree in Business Administration from the University Center of Joao Pessoa. He began entrepreneurial career when he initiated a cartonnage company, which designed and manufactured cardboards folding cartons. Santiago owns and manages over 15 shopping malls in the Northeast region of Brazil. In 1989, he moved to real estate when he developed Maniara shopping mall. The shopping mall comprises of a college, fitness center, a theater, a concert hall, a food court, shopping stores, a gym, a huge gaming area and banks.



In 2009, the Maniara shopping mall opened Domus Hall located on the rooftop. The Domus Hall is spacious enough to host weddings, concerts, graduation ceremonies, music concerts, and fairs. It accommodates an audience of 4,000 seated and 10,000 standing individuals. It is equipped advanced sound equipment and is suitable for private affairs and public events on the ground floor. The hall hosts equipment for concerts and theatrical productions attracting both local and foreign artists to Brazil. Maniara Shopping Mall has undergone more than five expansions and renovations, and it now has 3d room, stadium system, and VIP rooms. The mall is the biggest mall in Joao Pessoa.



Maniara Shopping mall provides entertainment options including movie theater featuring latest shows and a large gaming area. The mall also offers restaurants offering different appetite and budgets. At the mall, you find books, cosmetics, clothing, furniture, jewelry, and much more. Financial institutions are also available. The Maniara Shopping Mall houses the college Higher Education of Paraiba. The development of Maniara Mall has attracted many people for shopping and entertainment. The Domus Hall has attracted talented music groups from Brazil and international. The Maniara shopping mall developed by Roberto Santiago lead to the development of commercial shops and buildings in the surrounding area.



Roberto Santiago saw an opportunity of over 350 thousand consumers in Joao Pessoa and developed the Mangabeira Shopping in 2014. The Shopping was built in two and half years and created over 3,000 jobs. It has 15 anchor stores, food court, and satellite stores. Also, Mangabeira Shopping has six movie theaters, an electric park, and playground for kids. It provides 3,3350 parking lots and 340 commercial rooms. Mangabeira has brought socio-economic development in Paraiba. The area has experienced fast growth, especially in the banking. Mangabeira Shopping supports the development of the southern zone of the capital Paraiba. On inauguration, Mangabeira shopping stores experienced a turnover five times than opening of other stores.



The ability to see a good business opportunity and implement his plan is what motivates Roberto Santiago as a visionary entrepreneur. The investments of Santiago in Joao Pessoa led to economic growth in the region.

Logan Stout – Author, Entrepreneur, and Health Advocate

For those looking for a role model to become a business owner, Logan Stout sets the perfect example to follow. He is a leader, trainer, and author who commits himself to helping others learn how to start and manage a business. He currently heads IDLife. Stout, in only a short time, has catapulted his MLM company to list as one of the world’s top 100 companies in its category.

IDLife is all about providing people with ways to become healthier and stay well. His company offers a unique approach for optimizing health by providing nutrition supplements that people can customize for their own needs. The product is easy to use and delivered right to the customer’s front door, and there are no bottles to hassle with. His company’s supplements put other products on the market at a disadvantage since formulation is one-size-fits-all.

Stout also formed the Dallas Patriots baseball organization. Those who love the game connect with mentors, training, coaches, and instructors who know the game. His book, The Secret to Building Yourself, People, and Teams is a popular informative read. His background in baseball includes participation in 17 World Series. His coaching knowledge and experience gives him a solid base from which to help others grow.

Logan Stout’s entrepreneurial spirit has led him to partnership with Garmin. Garmin develops high-quality GPS devices, along with devices that encourage people to stay fit. His website offers an option that allows customers to purchase a Garmin Vivo fitness tracker. The device makes it easier for a person to track their exercise routine and determine their nutrition needs. It is all about reaching one’s health goals.

Stout’s main purpose and goal with his businesses is to show people how they can reach their highest level of achievement when they concentrate on achieving their very best level of health. People can reach their greatest level of success when mind, body, and spirit work in unison.

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Richard Mishaan Astonishing Designs

Richard Mishaan is a well known personality in the interior design industry. Richard Mishaan design creates comfortable and luxury homes for families. His field involves hotels, homes and indoor design. Many people acknowledge him as an incredible architect and a transformative designer through his lighting and furniture line. Richard Mishaan design can convert a 17th-century console into a beautiful juxtaposition.

Mr. Mishaan has worked at Karen Silverman’s home, a grand hotel in Columbia and for various residences in New York, the Dominica Republic, and Florida. Richard Mishaan design is mainly experienced at his furniture shop in Greenwich Village that sells different products from contemporary or vintage. In the store, Richard stocks furniture transforming them four times a year. The transformation lightens up the furniture. His furniture is of high quality, and in his own home, he owns a couch of 20 years old.

Richard Mishaan Design primarily surrounds transforming a small space to a magical and attractive result. Richard usually opens a space then paints the ceilings and walls with a warm white color. His design includes buying comfortable low club chairs to open up the living room and also he encourages floating beds for space. His previous home was full of his design with a museum art, beautiful furniture, sculpture in a park, vaulted ceiling and an original wooden board among others. Richard Mishaan design embraces the clients’ demands and preferences and not his.

Mishaan is a native of Columbia. Richard studied at the Columbia University School of Architecture paving his way to New York University studying BA. His career journey began as an apprentice at Philip Johnson offices. With his passion for art and design, Mishaan grew his skills tremendously extending to working for high-end residential and commercial buildings. Many people have appreciated Richard Mishaan design. With his unique taste in interior design, Richard has been leading in the industry for his stylish designs.

Whitney Wolfe Empowers Women With her Bumble App

Whitney Wolfe may be the founder and CEO of a successful company but she’s actually just like the rest of us. Wolfe knows what it’s like to dive into the awkwardness that online dating and dating in general. She looked at the whole idea and how things operate and realized that there was something very broken about the system. Wolfe worked for popular dating app Tinder and she saw a lot of flaws in the company and how dating worked. She realized that men dominated and they didn’t always treat women the greatest. She also realized it wasn’t the safest place.

Therefore, Wolfe broke away after a lawsuit of sexual harassment. She decided that she needed to do something for women everywhere. That’s how Whitney Wolfe came to create popular online dating app Bumble. Today, there are millions of users. That’s because Wolfe created an app that so many of us can relate to. She created an app where women call the shots, make the moves, and ultimately travel along at their own pace. There’s no pressure, the app is a lot safer, and women are loving the fact that they get to make decisions! In what seems male-dominated society, this is a way that women have some power.

It’s easy to see what her app is drawing attention from the other apps. They realized that there is a market for a place where women can make the decisions and they’re possibly getting a little bit jealous and nervous. According to Forbes, that’s why Whitney Wolfe was just offered a $450 million deal to sell Bumble to Match Group. She declined and women everywhere are thankful. They’re loving this safe space that Wolfe created and they don’t want to see it turn into another app that’s similar to Tinder or Match.

Bumble and Whitney Wolfe are helping women everywhere find their voices. Wolfe is a firm believer in feminism, equality, and just being kind to one another. At the end of the day, everyone wins as long as Wolfe remains in charge of Bumble. Women get to continue calling the shots.

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