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Discover A Superior Line Of Makeup That Lets You Be Bold

Does it feel like your makeup is not being kind to you? Is your cosmetic choices working against your skin? Lime Crime offers a superior line of makeup options that have been voted the fastest growing cosmetic line in the industry. In fact, the Founder and CEO Doe Deere has been named female entrepreneur of the year. Her aspirations to create rich bold makeup has lead her to vibrant eye shadow’s and lipstick products. Deere proclaims her makeup options create options for her wearers to be bold and make a statement with their makeup.

Lime Crime’s Birth

Doe Deere has always had an eye for success since the tender age of thirteen when she decided to popularize temporary tattoos. She then began to sell this novelty to her friends in her class. This was her first taste of entrepreneurial adventure. However, after moving to New York she found herself immersed in the middle of a rock band and soon after, married to the soloist. She says that her loyal fans helped her appreciate people coming out to support her events. Surprisingly, being in a band also gave her marketing skills that helped her with her cosmetic venture.

Trying to find bold vibrant colors other than the dull neutral colors that she would find throughout the cosmetic industry, Deere began to create her own colors with a velvetine matte base. Her idea was to create colors that were hard to find and she soon discovered that this was popular among other young women as well. She begin to market and sell her cosmetics until she has built the trusted name that thousands of women know and trust today. Deere says that anyone can live out their dreams by perfecting what they are good at. She admits that she always had an unconventional way of thinking that differed from other people.

Lime Crime is available securely from their website or by phone. You have the option of unique blends of eye shadow and lipstick. You can have their products shipped to your door in under a week. If you’re interested in accessories and shoes customers are encouraged to visit their sister site Dolls Kill for more creative solutions to your mood. They offer a unique line of reasonably priced lists of products that match perfectly with Lime Crime colors. You’re encouraged to visit Youtube for more makeup options with tutorials by actual users of Lime Crime.

Great Achievements of Entrepreneur Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar has been a great inspiration to most people due to his hard work and determination. He is the chairman as well as the CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation and Trucept Inc. he has also held positions in other companies such as Smart-tek Automated Services, Allegiant Professional Business Services and even The Amanda Company.

Brian studied in for his undergraduate degree in the University of Strathclyde. He then joined the University of Staffordshine for his MBA as well as his doctorate degree.

Dalrada Financial Corporation

This company is in a position to provide services to other businesses such as the PEO businesses. There is a huge selection of employer benefits as well as employee benefits and aftermarket products. It is also able to act as Marketing Liaison where it is able to supply its clients with a huge variety of programs to increase its efficiency.


Due to his expertise in finance, he has been named as the Cambridge Executive in finance. There are only two females and only two males named during this registry as the executives.

There are factors that are considered by the committee before they choose these honorees such as their academic achievements, leadership abilities and even professional accomplishments. This means that Brian was chosen since his abilities were well recognized and that he is a great leader.

His Roles

It is very important for any business person to be experienced. This is the best way to ensure the company is well managed and that operations are handled in the right way. Brian Bonar has been in this business for a long time and his experience enables him to oversee all operations in Dalrada Financial Corporation.

Being the chairman and the CEO for his company, there are many responsibilities such as employing new employees and even controlling how activities are done throughout the day. It is important to increase the efficiency of the employees by supplying a broad diversity of employee programs to their clients.

These employee programs are insurance for risk management, employee benefits, business liability, services in business management and promotions.


Brian has been in financial business for almost 30 years and this has ensured that his business is able to cope with any issue it faces. It also gives him a wide experience and understanding concerning the business and what it need to ensure it grows and develops. Being the CEO of the company, there are many decisions he is expected to make and they all affect the company.

Depending on how the company is progressing, it is possible to tell how the chairperson is leading and in Dalrada Financial Corporation, there is a huge progress in marketing and sales. This shows that Brian has what it takes to ensure the company thrives and achieves all the sets goals.

Planning For Retirement Amidst Hardships

It is an admirable thing to plan for retirement. However, one thing that life shows is that there are no guarantees. Even the most well thought out plans can fall victim to either one major unexpected expense or a series of unforeseen circumstances.

There are plenty of people that are faced with a ton of different issues that drain out all of their finances. This can be a very frustrating issue. Often times, this may require the advice of someone who is more experienced in financial management. There are plenty of financial advisers. They could provide some insight on what could be done in order to break out of the vicious cycle.

Among the financial advisers that could help people with financial decision making is Richard Blair. He is highly educated when it comes to finances and money management. He has enough knowledge to give him the confidence needed to sit with his clients in order to help them come up with a plan that is going to make sure that they break free of whatever financial obstacle they are faced with.

He helps his clients formulate a plan that works well with their needs and where they are in their finances.

Richard Blair can help his client determine whether his financial situation is possible to get out of with his current financial circumstances. For instance, if the client needs to get another job, then he will suggest to the client that he finds an extra source of income to support himself until he gets back on track.

Meanwhile, he could take any extra money that he may get from the extra job and put it away so that he can gain more for his retirement.

There is a lot that goes into retirement planning. For one thing, one has to be making a lot more than his expenses. That way, he will be able to have something to put away. According to Crunchbase, another good suggestion by Richard Blair Wealth Solutions is that it is not good for one to spend it just because he has it.

This is one of the reasons that people find themselves in financial troubles is because of circumstances that are eating up all of his money.

Dick DeVos Philanthropic Activities

 Betsy DeVos is a member of the famous DeVos family. She is the wife of Dick DeVos. Betsy is also a very prominent individual in the country. She joined politics many years ago when she was still in the university, and this explains her popularity. Betsy has been in charge of many campaigns and party organizations in the last thirty years. Today, she is the chairman of the Michigan Republican, a position she has held for more than six years. Many people know her as a reformer.


Dick DeVos, the Husband to Betsy, is also very famous. He was once appointed to run for the gubernatorial race under the Republican Party in Michigan. However, he did not win the race. DeVos is very active in politics and business, and he is also involved in philanthropic activities. He served in the family company, Amway for many years and brought many significant changed. For ten years, he was the president of the institution, and he helped in expanding the business to many other parts of the world. Today, Amway has spread to over fifty countries in the world. The company is also found in six continents. The institution is considered to be one of the most successful in the United States.


When Dick DeVos was elected to become the president of Amway, the organization reported a significant increase in the international and domestic sales that amounted to over five billion. He also worked as the vice president of the institution and tripped the sales in the global market with his skills.


Dick DeVos and his family are involved in philanthropic activities. He has also had an opportunity to be a leader in many communities in the country. He is the founder of an organization known as Education Freedom Fund. The organization is very popular, and it helps students from low-income families to acquire education. Thanks to his contribution, the Education Freedom Fund was able to provide over four-thousand scholarship opportunities to many families in Michigan.


Dick DeVos founded the West Michigan Aviation Academy too, and he is also the leader of the institution. Dick started the school to offer affordable and quality educational programs that focus in aviation to the children. The school has been very helpful to many people living in Michigan. His achievements in this school made him get an appointment to the State Board of Education. He has also earned the respect of many due to his contributions in the education sector.