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Crystal Hunt, Actress on the Rise

Crystal Hunt is an up-and-coming name in Hollywood, but that is not to say her resume isn’t already blossomed. Technically she began acting at age two, participating in baby pageants her talent was always acting, but she made her official debut in 2003. She made her television debut as Lizzie Spaulding, on CBS’s soap Guilding Light. The role, formally portrayed by Hollywood darling, Hayden Panettiere, would be her primary focus until 2006. For three years she played Spaulding, but was then replaced by actress Marcy Rylan.

During her span spent at Guilding Light, in 2005, she appeared in one of Zac Efron’s early films titled, The Derby Stallion. Hunt portrays the sister of one of Efron’s baseball teammates.

One year later she appeared in Sydney White, a teen rom-com based on the story of “Snow White.” In this film, Hunt plays the role of leading actress, Amanda Bynes’ best friend. The film received mixed reviews. USA Today praised its message of accepting all kinds of people, but the twist was so telegraphed that it left nothing to surprise.

Hunt made her major motion picture debut in 2015 in Magic Mike XXL. Along with Hunt the movie includes actors such as Channing Tatum, Elizabeth Banks, and Jada Pinkett Smith.

In 2015 she began producing her first film, Talbot County, taking place in 1986, this film follows six college students as they make there way through a town in the South. Assigned a project to rediscover a piece of history, the group is thrown into danger when a legendary werewolf is encountered.  Be sure to also check out her photography website, featuring Crystal’s entire portfolio.  Also view her acting reel on YouTube, comprising her entire body of work.